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Re: Public
towards an art for the public realm

Will Alsop, Ekkehard Altenburger, Assael Architects, Phil Coy, Futurecity,
Nicolas Deshayes, MAKE Architects, Oliver Marsden, Bruce McLean, Paul Morrison,
Mark Titchner, Alison Turnbull, Mark Wallinger, Richard Wilson, Clare Woods.

Mark Wallinger, Ebbsfleet Landmark Project
© Scenario VDP

This exhibition explores the increasing sophistication of public art, and the willingness of gallery artists to work with architects and engineers on permanent public projects. As Anish Kapoor unveils his proposals for a sculptural, functional architectural monument for the Olympic Park to mix reviews, what effect does the move out of the artists comfort zone, access to new materials and technologies, technical constraints, the change of scale and the need to adapt and compromise have on both the artist, client and architect?

The commissioning and selection processes for public art have certainly changed, the reception of works is more critical and the audience generally more discerning, sophisticated and demanding. But what happens when an artist is commissioned to make a public work away from the privacy of the studio or the relative safe haven of a gallery; how does it affect the creative process and how does it affect the artistís future work?

The exhibition is sited within the Futurespace gallery in Grosvenor Waterside, a residential development by St James Urban Living in Westminster. Itself the site of award winning public art and signature architecture projects resulting from a cultural strategy by Futurecity. Artists in the exhibition such as Ekkehard Altenberger, Richard Wilson and Clare Woods/MAKE Architects have permanent public works within the Grosvenor Waterside development and other artists in the exhibition have worked on Futurecity art & architecture projects. Chelsea Futurespace is run by Director Donald Smith in collaboration with Futurecity and Chelsea College of Art and Design. This exhibition marks the completion of the cultural strategy for the site. Director of


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